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Memory Post Stroke Workshop
Jessica Thomson
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Memory Post Stroke Workshop

May 30th, 2018 08:30 – 15:30

*This workshop is limited to healthcare providers across the continuum of care who are currently working with Stroke Patients*

Workshop Description:

This workshop is presented by Dr. Gail Eskes, a clinical neuropsychologist and Professor, Dalhousie University. 
NEO Stroke Network is offering this session via OTN link to the in–person event.

During this workshop participants will: 
•Become familiar with the different types of memory and how they work
•Learn how stroke and related factors can affect memory and how they work
•Become familiar with a framework for memory rehabilitation after stroke
•Learn and gain experience in evidence-based interventions to improve memory and support learning post stroke 

Target Audience:

This workshop takes an interprofessional focus to memory post stroke. It is open to all healthcare professionals working in stroke care. 


RCP 3 North and South Conference Room (32004 and 32003)


0830 Registration

0900-1530 Workshop



Please note
**This event is video linked to the broadcasting site where the in-person event is taking place (in another city). There will be a facilitator onsite at HSN during this event. Participants are encouraged to bring a lunch as meals are not provided. There is a cafeteria on site.**

Parking at HSN is $6.00 for the day. 

If for any reason you cannot join us - do let us know so that another Health Care Provider can take your spot.


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